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/.si:miotiks featuring artists:

Charley Blake Banks 
Kayleigh Heydon 
Jan Piotrowicz
Rebecca Long 
Cameron Muir 
Emily Rusby
John Lynch

More Than or Equal is an artist led exchange programme between Manchester and Liverpool. It is a platform that provides the artists involved with a way of expanding their practice beyond its usual borders. The overall aim is to build stronger links between practicing artist in the North West and to open up communication and opportunities to provide a more vibrant cultural environment.
‘/.si:miotiks’ is the second instalment, which brings together 7 practicing artists based in Manchester and challenges them to create or develop new work for the unique gallery space. All the artists involved have responded to the use and meaning of symbols within their diverse range of practices which includes photography, installation and new media. For more information:







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PRINTINGSymbols flyer



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Less than a month to go till the next exhibition!



Featuring artists

Rebecca Long/EmilyRusby/Charley Blake Banks/Kayleigh Haydon/Cameron Muir/John Lynch

@Arena Gallery Liverpool


Exhibition Opening

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Exhibition Opens 2nd MAY PV from 6-9

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Piccadilly Place

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Finally secured  the space 1st – 6th May

Industrial aesthetic, lots of natural light, great location and plenty of potential.

More Than Or Equal To

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Who are we?

We are two creative practitioners currently studying Interactive Arts Ba Hons at Manchester School of Art completing this summer.

What is it?

Our idea is to create a culture swap between Manchester and Liverpool. We want to do this by each providing an event space and swapping them. We think it will be an exciting and innovative experience to work in a different city taking the normal practice out of its comfort zone into a new space and City.

When will it be happening?

The Liverpool space needs to co-inside with the Manchester space and vice-versa; we would like the events to take place in April or may. We would also like to attend each other’s events, so consecutive weeks would be preferable. We hope it would be possible to assist at each other’s events, whilst curation is up to each group we think that being able to help each other in different cities will be vital e.g. where to get emergency supplies, plinths, printing etc.

What do I need to do?

You need to be able to provide a space that you would normally consider for an exhibition or event, you must be able to secure it for a short time (evening/weekend) to co-inside with the Manchester event. After each venue has been confirmed and the dates set, you will organise the event as you would in Liverpool but in Manchester. This will require working together in some areas such as advertising and flyers as well as good communication. We will also organise visiting each other’s city’s and spaces in advance to make sure each event is a success.

What sort of events are you looking to bring to Manchester?

Anything, we are open to all ideas whether you would like to do an exhibition, performance, fair etc. Our only stipulation is that as creative practitioners you normally reside and practice in Liverpool.

What are the costs involved?

We hope to provide a space in Manchester for free or very little cost and would therefore would like this to be reciprocated. We are hoping that like us, you know of spaces that are available in your city that are not as well-known but make excellent venues for emerging creatives. Other costs such as flyers, publications/printing, transport will be independent. Liverpool and Manchester have great transport links by train and coach however if the event you will require the transportation of large objects the cost of this this is something that needs to be considered.

What are we bringing to Liverpool?

We hope to put on a Zine and print fair. We think Zines, prints and independent publications are very popular and diverse in Manchester and we hope to introduce this to a new City. We would also take the opportunity to showcase some work, as well as truly represent Manchester’s creative vibrancy. 

Rebecca Long & Emily Rusby




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